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Dr. A. Reza Ataee, RAUD

Dr. A. Reza Ataee, RAUD

Registered Audiologist, RHIP

❝ I am a very patient, dedicated, and caring individual who likes to go as far as possible to help people with hearing disorders.❞

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My name is A. Reza Ataee, you can call me Reza.

My passion is to help people with any concerns they have about their hearing, from hearing impairment to hearing loss prevention. I know the importance of taking the time to really understand your personal hearing needs, lifestyle and budget requirements

I received my master of science in audiology from the University of British Columbia and my Doctorate of audiology from the A.T.STILL Arizona School of Health Sciences. Following my graduation I started to work both as a pediatric audiologist, working with children in the public health unit and an adult audiologist, working with adults in the private sector. Recently I mainly works with adults with hearing problems.

If you need hearing test or hearing aid in north Vancouver, West Vancouver, hearing test or hearing aid in Vancouver please give us a call. 

Hope to see you soon.


A.T.STILL Arizona School of Health Sciences
 University of British Columbia
The College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia (CSHBC)

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