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Who is the Audiologist?

An Audiologist is a professional in hearing sciences with a master or doctorate degree from an accredited university. The job of the audiologist is identification, treatment and prevention of hearing loss for people of all ages. As an Audiologist, we also prescribe, fit and dispense hearing aids and other assistive listening devices, if required.

Vancouver Audiologist

Vancouver Audiologist

Facts from a Certified Audiologist About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often progresses over several years. As a result, many of us with hearing loss are not aware of the extent of our hearing loss. The first sign of hearing loss is usually brought to our attention by family or friends. People with hearing loss typically think that people are mumbling.

Hearing loss can be seen in any ages and generations. 1 in 5 Canadian’s over age 60, 15% between ages 41-59, and 7.5% of those between ages 29-40, already have hearing loss.

Good hearing is essential to everyone regardless of age. Hearing helps us to learn, communicate with others and even experience pleasure through music and other sounds.

Many studies have related untreated hearing loss to a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. Such as bad temper, reduced awareness, depression, anger, low energy, and stress. Happily, most of these problems can be prevented by using hearing aids.

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