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Why to wait for a hearing test

Many people wait for years before getting a hearing test. There is really no reason to wait, as Quantum Hearing Clinics offer no obligation hearing tests and consultation in both downtown Vancouver and North Vancouver clinics. Our downtown Vancouver or West End location is across from St Paul’s Hospital. Our North Vancouver location is at Lonsdale Quay west esplanade across from the IGA. Quantum Clinics’ Doctor of Audiology conducts our personal, one-on-one hearing tests. 

40% of Canadian adults aged 20 to 79 have some degree of hearing loss. In some cases hearing loss is gradual and ignored as part of growing older. Ignoring hearing loss can create a chain of emotional, social, safety and economic consequences. Hearing loss costs Canadians billions of dollars every year. The sad reality is many of these problems could have been avoided with a simple hearing test.

5 Signs You Need a Hearing Test

If any of these 5 signs sound familiar then you need a hearing test:

  • You are asking people to repeat themselves.
  • The TV is LOUD is a familiar complaint from family or friends.
  • Voices on the phone are sometimes hard to understand and details are sometimes fuzzy.
  • Male voices are easier to understand than female voices.
  • Conversations are difficult to understand in crowded and-or noisy situations such as work or a social setting.

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Instead of procrastinating, there is no time like the present to get your hearing tested. Quantum hearing tests are performed by a Certified Doctor of Audiology and take about half an hour. Keep in mind that we also offer house calls by appointment. Simply give us a call or use the form on the right to schedule your no obligation hearing test.

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