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100% Canadian Owned and operated

Latest technology Hearing aids from

the best European manufacturers in the world


1-You don’t want your hearing aid to be visible to others

We have the invisible hearing aids for you


2-You have trouble hearing in noisy environments

We have the best noise reducing hearing aids for you


3- You are tired from changing the battery of your hearing aid

We have rechargeable hearing aids for you


4-You want to connect your hearing aids to your cellphone or TV

We have hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity for you


We have the best price and unheard services for you


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To insure our your and our staffs’ safety

We accept patients only by appointment
We do more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces
We use single use equipment
We Ensure staff washes hands and using gloves for each patient interactions
Using barriers such as face mask
Allowing one patient in our clinic each time