Latest Hearing aid from Phonak: The Phonak Paradise

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Latest Hearing aid from Phonak: The Phonak Paradise

Paradise is the latest model of hearing aids from Phonak.

Crisp natural sound, brilliant speech understanding, personalized noise cancellation and the ability of connecting

to different Bluetooth devices are only some of this hearing aids capabilities.

The beautiful design and rechargeable batteries are also add more value to this hearing aids.

If you are interested we can give you more information about this hearing aids.

We have them in stock at our North Vancouver hearing clinic or Downtown Vancouver Hearing clinic

and we can program a pair for you to have a tangible experience with this hearing aids.

Many of our clients are really happy with the quality of sound when using the Phonak Paradise.

You can do a hearing test in Vancouver or a hearing test in north Vancouver and our Audiologist will

answer all your questions about your hearing needs.

For more info please call us at 604-973-0214

You can also use the following URL for more information


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