Phone call doctor visit and hearing loss

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Phone call doctor visit and hearing loss

When you have a sudden hearing loss in one or both ears please go to your  hearing clinic and do a diagnostic hearing test within 72 hours. Sudden hearing loss could be an emergency case that needs rapid medical attention.

It is impossible to diagnose the type of sudden hearing loss by talking with your doctor on the phone and the patient needs to see a hearing clinic for a diagnostic hearing test.

There are 2 different types of sudden hearing loss sudden conductive hearing loss and sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Most of sudden hearing losses are conductive type that means there is a physical restriction in the system that restrict the conduction of the sounds from outer ear to the inner ear.  Occluding cerumen or foreign object in the ear canal,  accumulation of  fluid in the middle ear and  ear drum perforation are among the most common causes of  sudden conductive hearing loss.

In sudden sensorineural hearing the inner ear or the hearing nerve is affected. Most common causes for this type of hearing loss are lack of blood supply to the inner ear and nerve, viral infection or unknow causes.

Sudden conductive hearing loss can be treated by removing the wax or the foreign object from the ear canal or receiving some medication.

There is a chance for sudden sensorineural hearing loss to be treated if the patient seeks help from medical professionals within 72 hours of the unset of the hearing loss if not it could be a permanent hearing loss.



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