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Custom Hearing Aids


Custom Fit Hearing Aids

Quantum Hearing Clinics sell custom fit hearing aids. We have 2 handy locations: North Vancouver and Vancouver on the border of downtown Vancouver and the West End. We offer free Audiologist hearing tests and a large selection of affordable hearing aids. House calls are also available for hearing tests and custom fit hearing aids.

Hearing aids in the canal of an ear should be custom fitted for comfort and maximum efficiency. There are basically three factors that should be considered for customized hearing aids or custom ear mold. The shape of the ear, level of hearing loss and customer preference are the main factors when fitting hearing aids.

How We Custom Fit Hearing Aids

Once the hearing tests are completed, the brand and model of hearing aids is selected. If the audiologist recommends customizing your hearing aid, a safe silicone compound, like putty, will be injected to your ear canal that needs to stay there for about 5 minutes to create an ear impression. Then the manufacturer places all the electronic parts inside the custom shell of the hearing aid.

New Hearing Aids

When your new hearing aids arrive we schedule a fitting appointment, which usually takes about an hour. We make sure the custom fit is perfect, then program and show you how to use and take care of your hearing aids.

It is also recommended that we do a follow up session a week or so after you have been using your hearing aids. We can answer any questions you may have and make any minor adjustments needed for maximum performance. Keep in mind, with Quantum you can see our Audiologist as many times as you like at no extra charge.

Quantum Hearing Clinic

At the Quantum Hearing Clinic you can count on individually personalized service and professional expertise. Give us a call and schedule your free hearing test and consultation. You can also use our handy form to schedule you free no obligation hearing test for hearing aids.